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Handspring Web Site

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I started the Handspring Web site a few months before the public product launch of the Handspring Visor. Gathering business, branding, and user requirements, I designed a site—without a viewable product or product shot until well into the design process—and oversaw HTML development in an amazing span of less than three months. Rapid section additions and upgrades continued to be added for the next few months after launch.

Good for users:

Users had a site with which they could preview the product before it was available for purchase. Information was easy to find and use. Public reaction to the site design was immediately positive:

… your site looks great. It does a good job of describing your products and is easy to use. In fact, that is one of the reasons I decided to put in a pre-order in the first place.
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Good for client:

Branding is strong because the "Zen of Palm"—utilizing simple, utilitarian interfaces—is upheld. The design combines both an informative site and a retail site to promote, support and sell.

Roles fulfilled:

Art Director, Design Manager and Designer.