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Advanced Micro Devices

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My design team inherited this project from AMD after another design team could not follow through. The defunct design team gave us an overly complicated site/interface architecture and no remaining budget to rework it. To be fair, AMD's pre-existing design and architecture were so chaotic, a user of the site had an impossible time finding the right content. We took on the task and made the new, yet complex IA work.

Good for users:

Users now have a clearer path to content. It is more apparent and consistent as to "where" they are on the AMD Web site. It is now easier for AMD's main clients and customers to find the content that they need.

Good for client:

Branding is stronger than it had ever been on the AMD site. There are clear areas to cross-sell and promote AMD services and products without confusing the user. I also rolled in a new look and feel that improved their branding integration and marketing messages.

Roles fulfilled:

Art Director, Design Manager and Designer.