Well done, you've produced a "people friendly" site. It matches your company philosophy perfectly, people, the KIS principle and good design. Good luck to you all. If you ever want to open an Australian office, let me know :)
Your site looks great … a beautifully clean design, and very simple to navigate. As regards your coming product, I can't wait!
BTW, your site looks great. It does a good job of describing your products and is easy to use. In fact, that is one of the reasons I decided to put in a pre-order in the first place.
I am impressed. The site is clean, crisp, and easy to navigate. Pages load very quickly. The graphics are there in a heartbeat, and it all looks great. If the web site is only *one-tenth* of what the product may be, I am almost beyond words.
I love your website! It has a very clean and neat feel to it, much like the Visor. I was going to upgrade to a palm 3/5, now I''ll seriously consider the Visor!
Very elegant design of your site. Looking forward to placing an order soon!
Clean, fast site. Has all the signs of a few innovators getting together to provide people with a no-bull product.
I love your website and I'm eagerly waiting for the opportunity to own a Visor.
Wow, neat product, neat site!