Design for the People

Consumer Circles Retail Service

Consumer Circles is an online subscription-based service where consumers rate, review and research local businesses as a collective service to one another. The goal is to help consumers make informed choices about their local businesses when shopping around. In addition to this logo, I designed the interface and look of the Consumer Circles Web site.

Good for users:

This logo is very recognizable from a maximum distance, allowing existing customers to be drawn to these businesses that have "approved by…" placards in their windows. The idea of finding what they're looking for is reinforced the "hitting the mark" message of the logo—there's excitement in hitting a bulls-eye.

Good for client:

Strong circles reinforce the association to the circles in the name Consumer Circles. Looking past the initial illustrative qualities of the icon, the user will see the double C, thus using the initials to help recall the name, Consumer Circles. Easily reproducible in all sizes and media.