Design for the People

One-color Collateral: Low budget with Flair

'Got Well' Thank You "Flown the Coop" moving announcement postcard

'Got Well' Thank You Jaw Surgery "Got Well" Thank You card

'i Moved' Announcement "i Moved" moving announcement postcard

Working with "zero-budget" projects requires extra concept, wit and creativity. Here, I've used readily available papers and xerography to maximum effect.

"Flown the Coop" relies on a whimsical image of a character familiar to the recipients. Smiley, a character from a comic strip I illustrated for the paper in college was recognizable to most recipients of the card.

The thank you card borrows the same character as a personally recognizable identity. The card was a thank you to those that had sent help and well-wishes to me after major jaw surgery.

"i Moved" is an understated pun with type. Announcing both my domicile change and my then recent graduation from design school.